Monday, May 8, 2017

Spotlight: Andrew Critelli

Author Andrew Critelli

1. You recently released a new book The Spirit Ritual Formula, why was the reason you wrote the book?
I started my spiritual journey more in-depth about 6 years ago.  I was coming from a really low point in my life.  I was looking for answers and wanted to start feeling better again.  I had moments where I felt really empowered in my life and other times when I was not in control and did not have any foundation for my well being.

Friends started to recommend and share books with me.  I was reading as much as I could get my hands on.  I was devouring books at a good pace and also listening for a few hours a day on books on tape and took courses and went to seminars and workshops all around spiritual development and personal development.

Each author and speaker would recommend something to do to feel better and to connect more.  I was learning a lot but how much was I incorporating it into my life?  Most people read books, feel a bit better and learn a nugget or two and then put the book back on their shelf.  Each author I was reading about had their own system.  I tried the different rituals and activities and did some of them consistently.  I found the ones that made me feel better.

I decided that I wanted to put a personal system into place in my life where I would feel energized, more empowered and to create more magic into my life.

So developed that formula and experimented with the rituals and practices that I enjoyed the best.  I started with a few rituals and then added more to it.

It turned into a system with 9 rituals to do in the morning and 9 rituals to do before bed.  

I have always enjoyed journaling as well but it has not been something that I have done consistently.  Looking back I would only really journal when things where off and going wrong.  I wanted to include a journal practice into the book as well.  The journal process in my books is a carry over from the Spirit Rituals found in the book.  There is room to journal in the morning and evening.

This book was created as a tool that would help me with my own life and my own well being.  After finding what works for me I thought that a lot of other people could greatly benefit from it as well.

Some people will be familiar with the rituals found in this book, other people may not have heard of them.  Even if people have heard of these rituals they may not be part of their daily practice.  The Spirit Ritual Formula helps people to develop a consistent spiritual practice that will improve their life.

My book essentially putting these powerful tools into people's hands and then giving them directions on how to use it.  I have had clients write to me telling me how this book has helped them.  The book is a practice that spans 45 days.  And during that time something great will happen in your life.

2.  Can you share insights why meditation is an important habit to learn and do

Meditation for me comes down to presence.  Most of the time our energy and thoughts are flying around between our past and present situations.  Where our thoughts go so does our energy.  Meditation is a way to call back our energy and power from disempowering places.  

Meditation is stillness and it is one of the oldest and most beneficial practices that most people do not do.  Meditating on a consistent basis may not be easy for a lot of people.  I have had a few strings of consistent meditation and when I did I felt healthier and more connected.

How else can you silent the negative thoughts in your head then by being still?

There is no other way then to meditate.

And there are all kinds of meditation, from simple breathing meditation, to guided meditation and visualization, to group meditations.

I suggest the simplest form of meditation.  Just close your eyes in a quite space.  Sit upright and breathe deliberately and consciously feel your breath moving in your nose and into your chest/diaphragm and out of your mouth.  No pressure on yourself to achieve anything.  Do not put a goal on what you will achieve with this type of meditation.  Just by trying it you will be successful.

And soon you will be going deeper into your meditation sessions.  This will lead to more feelings of being at ease, more connections and more synchronicities will start to align.  This all happens as a result of being still.

I also suggest having a pen and paper handy when coming out of a meditation.  You never know what new insights you will gain once you tap into your higher self.

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