Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lessons learned being the Swiffer guy!

          It was great experience being an ambassador for the Swiffer products in early May. I was giving a Canadian Tire Store at Leslie and Sheppard to do demonstration of the 3 Swiffer products and give out coupons with discount up $7.50 on three of the products

    I was given some training to complete few weeks prior on the three products and team phone call prior to the weekend.

    I was excited about the opportunity to share and talk to people about the various products


        It was very important to communicate with customers coming near my area, I had a booth very close to the Swiffer products. Ask questions "do you want to see a Swiffer deom?" or "have you heard of the swiffer products.

   It was busy Saturday and Sunday so the were people everywhere!


    Swiffer products are very well known for many years. commercials on TV. That helped to share insights for the demonstrations. Many customers spoke very highly and shared testimonials with me regarding the Swiffer product experiences!



  It was also lots of fun talking to so many people throughout the weekend. Police officers, families, lots of dogs!

   Lesson learned

   Learned many lessons from being prepared for lots of questions!
  In the end it was awesome four days of learning, sharing and socializing as the Swiffer guy.

  Would also give you huge Thank you! to the amazing staff who very helpful in replenishing my product  throughout the two weekends

Jim Pagiamtzis as Swiffer guy at Canadian Store at Lessie and Sheppard on May 4,2017


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