Saturday, May 27, 2017

Journey to Long weekend May 19-22

             Our first long weekend of the spring has arrived.

         I had amazing three days!

     On Saturday morning I went to get my haircut at my local barber John "The Greek" then I went for my first bike ride with my awesome hybrid mountain bike in the Annex Area.

    Saturday evening I went to downtown to Tim Horton on Victoria and Dundas Street East to meet with Hisham Qaddoumi to discuss a few projects that I need some assistance with

 Sunday was the day of planting tomatoes and preparing for Monday BBQ with my brother and his family!

 Monday was a day for BBQ and spending time with my awesome nephew Simon.  He assisted me with the BBQ and having fun running around the house

   Staycations are awesome when you lots to do in the city!

 On Saturday...

Got my hair cut on Saturday

Went for my 1st bike ride on Saturday afternoon

Jim Pagiamtzs on my way downtown to meet Hisham Qaddoumi
On Sunday...

Planting Tomatoes on Sunday
Coke bottle says it all Staycation!

       On Monday...
Jim Pagiamtzis and my nephew Simon

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