Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Video of the day: Obama White House rap video: Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Freestyle With President Barack Obama

Obama White House rap video. If you’ve ever wanted to see President Barack Obama act as a a hype man for a freestyle rapper, wait no more.

When the cast of Hamilton visited the White House on Monday, creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda spent some quality bro-time with the POTUS and dropped a beat on some impromptu rhymes while standing in the Rose Garden.

After Obama asked the drummer to “drop the beat,” the President showed Miranda a series of patriotic words that had to be worked into his rap, including “POTUS,” “Obamacare,” “carbon footprint,” “Supreme Court” and “immigrants.”

Miranda rolls right through the rose garden to the end with: “Opportunity knocks, and I can’t stop/ I’m here with the president and my pops/ And yo the mic drops.” Here’s the mic drop!


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