Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Book Review: Think and Grow Rich


  Jim Pagiamtzis Review below:

 "I learned three things Persistence, Passion and Plan will lead to success. You must willing to read the book and continually apply and reread again and do it over again. This book has timeless classic for many years for the true we reason we can think and grow rich. It begins with  doing and applying and getting results then sharing and doing it over again. Buy the book today and begin your journey of success! Testimonial by Jim Pagiamtzis
Think and Grow Rich!: The Original Version, Restored and Revised. Napoleon Hill's classic book -- the all-time bestseller in the personal success field -- offers a life-altering experience. It teaches thousands of people the practical steps to high achievement and financial independence every year. This new edition is the first to contain extensive footnotes, endnotes, appendices, and an index. Now more than a motivational work, it is also a reference book and a mini-history book providing valuable information about Hill, his times, and his success philosophy. TGR's greatest value is not only that it can make you financially successful. It can help YOU -- or ANYONE -- get whatever it is that you desire from life.

Jim Pagiamtzis and Marcos Mendoza with Think and Grow Rich copy at SociaLIGHT event in November 2015

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