Monday, March 14, 2016

Event Review: S.O.S Your Marketing by Comm4results

  S.O.S  Your Marketing was held on Saturday March 12,2016 

  It was day of learning,sharing and socializing with great speakers and attendees for the 1st event held in Toronto.

  Dwayne Richards and Gordon So shared to open the event and set up the day to learn new strategies from various speakers on topics from social media, promotion, coaching and much more..

 Randi Goodman sharing insights on Reverse Marketing and Udemy.

 Greg Turner sharing on how you Supersize Your Business with using the power of systems

 Mike Gillespie  shared insights on his Life Coaching Business and shared 3 powerful strategies on how to evaluate you life and make the evaluation to make changes to it as you through your journey

Dwayne Richards sharing to open the event on Saturday Morning

Mike Gillespie sharing in the afternoon

Networking session at lunch

Greg Turner sharing on Supersize your business

Randi Goodman sharing on Reverse Marketing and Udemy

Dwayne Richard Superhero

Dwayne Richards blowing out the candles

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  1. Thanks Jim for being part of our first event. The next one will be April 23rd.