Monday, July 27, 2015

Vanilla Ice Cream story at Panamania on July 25th

Vanilla ice cream covered in Chocolate

  It was amazing Sunday evening and I decided to get an ice cream from a truck on Queen Street near Nathan Phillips Square.

   I walked over and got in line and waited for my turn to place my order. There was a lady in front who order a medium ice cream and was proceeding to attempt to pay for it, she opened up her purse and began to look for something, she keep on looking and looking.She took stuff out and kept on looking and looking, It must of seemed like 5 minutes and then all of sudden she just walked away and left  the ice cream lady hanging with the melting ice cream.

   She say " Any one want this?"

  The lady behind me say "I will take it!"

  We looking at each in little bewilderment and kept on going in evening journey

 Moral of the story: Patience is a virtue even if its waiting for ice cream!


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