Thursday, July 2, 2015

Summer Netwoking Bash Aug 12th. The place to be in August. Learn ,Share and Socialize

What if you could go to a place where you were
surrounded by people who were looking for
strategic alliance partners and collaborators to do business
with you?  
                                  Get your tickets today!

How much easier would it be to get clients?

One of the biggest challenges business owners have is finding
enough clients on a regular basis.

 As well as looking for individual clients, start attending events
attended by people who already have lots of your potential

There are lots of ways you can cross promote each other.

Collaborating is a must if you want to get bigger results without
having to work harder.

How to learn to collaborate?

Check out this upcoming networking event by Jennifer Beale 
with a Collaboration training session included.

I will be there and when you register for SummerNetworkingBash 
use this special promo code 21CONNECT  and you'll
save 25% just for being part of the 21 Connections

                                              Get tickets today!

But don't wait to register because this special is for a very
limited time only!

Warmest Regards,

Jim Pagiamtzis

 PS: I will be there - 21 Connections
is a Partner of this event.  

PPS:  Jim Cathcart (top 5 USA speakers) and
Dr Amy Banks (global authority on neuroscience of connection)
are sharing the latest on how to Collaborate at the event.

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