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Keep Pushin' February 2015

February 2015 Edition

Sujit's Corner

Sujit K. Reddy, Founder of 
Human Capital Solutions

Featured Speaker Member of 
Public Speaker Association

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February 28th, 2015.

Welcome to the monthly newsletter updating you about what is happening with Human Capital Solutions & Founder Sujit K. Reddy

We are encouraged by the number of new subscribers to the newsletter and look forward to more to come in the weeks and months ahead! As always, we hope that these newsletters serves as a vehicle to allow you to "Keep Pushin'" towards your own goals and dreams!

With Passion and Purpose,

Sujit K. Reddy
Founder, Human Capital Solutions

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News, Views & Interviews

Business Connects Networking Conference @ Ontario Science Centre

Once again Jennifer Beale put on a great event for like-minded business people to come together & learn and grow their businesses by listening and learning to great speakers. Also the opportunities and collaborations that came out of networking with some of the GTA's best entrepreneurs was priceless.

PodCamp Toronto 2015

Was an amazing weekend of idea sharing & enhancing one's knowledge of the tools available to entrepreneurs to enhance their brand.

I look forward to sharing more of what I learned with you all, in the days, weeks, months ahead.

Upcoming Events
February 2015 was a very productive month of which the seeds that were planted will bare fruit really soon! Stay tuned!

A few exciting events that Human Capital Solutions will be at in March are:

March 14th (AM) - Canada Job Expo

March 14th (PM) - Judging UofT Undergrad 3MT Competition 

March 30th - MoMondays Toronto

Human Capital Solutions is working hard to organize "Social Media Saturdays" for this coming Spring. If you are interested, please email us as seating will be limited and we will select students on a 'first come, first served' basis'

For further information on anything at all from the past, present or for the future, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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