Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Review: Choose Your Realtor CAREFULLY Separate the BEST form the Rest BEFRE You Hire One


Whether you’ve only bought or sold one home or many, Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY is a one-of-a-kind “tell-all” book that opens your eyes to what the public doesn’t know, but needs and deserves to know before making your final decision when choosing your next REALTOR® from the vast selection of REALTORS® vying for your business.
Hiring an individual to help you sell or buy your single largest asset is one of the most important decisions you will make.
  • Just because an agent has FOR SALE signs in your area doesn’t mean they are the best choice for YOU!
  • Just because an agent sold your friend’s neighbour’s home doesn’t mean they will give you great service!
  • Just because an agent is a relative or friend doesn’t mean they have the specialized skills, experience, and training, to keep the most profit in your pocket!
CAUTION: The difference between hiring an unskilled agent, an average quality agent, or a Superstar agent could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket. 
If you are selling your home then hiring a Superstar REALTOR® means selling your home for TOP dollar … along with the least amount of inconvenience and emotional stress in the shortest period of time.
If you are buying a new home then hiring a Superstar REALTOR® means keeping more money in your pocket, not losing out on the house of your dreams to another interested/competing buyer, and making a smart & safe purchase with the proper clauses and conditions in your offer to protect you, and buying for the best price possible.
You also need an agent who is the best FIT for you— your style, personality, risk tolerance, preferred methods of communication, timelines, personal objectives, and personal financial goals.
With so many licensed Realtors to choose from how do you find, interview, and hire a Superstar agent who is the best fit for you personally – someone who will provide you with the service, experience, and overall results you expect?

WHAT IF: You DON’T Know What You Don’t Know!
“Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” reveals many insider secrets the public is unaware of but NEEDS to know … (before you make a final decision on which REALTOR® you hire).
This book ALSO provides action plans and checklists so you will select the best REALTOR® for YOU, and ensure your next move is smooth, stress-free, safe, and profitable .
This book is NOT about how to buy/sell real estate on your own!
Now a best seller, “Choose Your Realtor® CAREFULLY” by Michael Shuster

  • Highlights many common public misperceptions,
  • Protects you from making costly mistakes, and
  • Empowers you to make smart decisions that are guaranteed to help you AVOID the likely negative experiences of hiring a REALTOR® who is the wrong fit for you.
Learn why some Realtors® fail to deliver the value and  great experience that ALL clients expect.  The book  provides ready-to-use methods,  tips and strategies for you to use, the next time you need to choose a Realtor®.  Ensure you find a Realtor® who will provide you with the service, results and overall experience you deserve and expect!
The book is a detailed and concise source of extremely valuable (rarely considered) information) that the public majority is simply unaware of, and more importantly has a right to know.

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