Monday, May 4, 2015

(True)Story is insights in human interaction..

 Last  Friday evening I was at the Esso gas station in the Finch and Dufferin area toping of my car with gas for the weekend and my upcoming trip to Buffalo.

 I put in my card, swipped my speed pass and attempted to put gas in my car. Nothing happened. I repeated the process and still nothing.

 On the other side of the car port. The guy was yelling and screaming out loud about the situation. "They take my money and they don't give me gas!"

 I reach over and said just be patient and try again. He says to me how are you so patient? I said yoga, pilates and meditation do that to you! 

 He started to chuckle a little and next thing you know gas started to flow..

 We had another short brief conversation on the weather, economy and world peace and before you know it we were on our way in different directions . 
Moral of the Story. Patience is a virtue and you may make some friends along the way.

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