Monday, May 11, 2015

Journey to Planes, Trains and Automobile & Hotels!

                 Many years ago the was great comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy (see below).

               Recently I had my own experience in doing all 3! 

          I had a business event to attend in Atlanta and it involved doing the follow. Driving from Toronto to Buffalo on Tuesday evening staying at hotel overnight  and take a flight in the morning to Charlotte then connecting to Atlanta.

           Had a local representative pick me and take me to hotel and then set up for the event happening the next day.

           Weather was warm for both days and I was still thinking I was in Toronto! wearing to layers of clothing. Had a great time at event and enjoy the amazing BBQ

            Thursday evening I was driven back to the Airport in Atlanta where I took the Plain Train to the desired section. Being early I had a great dinner at Phillips Seafood (amazing food and service). Took a flight from Atlanta back to Charlotte ran to catch to my connecting flight to Buffalo.

 Reached Buffalo and took shuttle bus to hotel and stayed overnight and drove back to Toronto on Friday Morning

 Moral of the story: Watching the movie may be interesting taking part in the journey is awesome!



Jim Pagiamtzis at the Plane Train in Atlanta Airport

Jim Pagiamtzis at the Phillips Seafood Restaurant at Atlanta Airport

Shrimp at Phillips Seafood

Salmon with fries at Phillips Seafood

Jim Pagiamtzis thumbs up at Phillips Seafood

On the way back from Atlanta Airport at 8pm


Driving back to Toronto from Buffalo on Friday morning

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