Monday, May 11, 2015

Business Spotlight: Olive Oil Emporium (Christie & St.Clair)

     It was great experience to visit the new second location of Olive Oil Emporium (Christie and St.Clair)

      Andreas Voulgaris has great knowledge of various oil and vinegars from all over the world. Customer walk in and had their questions answered and with minutes were getting bottles filled of there specific olive oil of choice.

   Andreas is very excited about have a store in this area, very close to where he grew up. One a personal note I went to Greek School with him for 10 years.  

    Look forward to Olive Oil being part of this community for many years to come. feel free to come buy and taste various time of olive oil and Vinegars.
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various olive oil to sample and purchase in various sizes

Andreas Voulgaris talking with customer

various sizes of bottles

Traditional Condimento

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