Friday, April 3, 2015

What would Jim Carrey do? Moment of brilliance shared

          In September 2014 I ventured into the world of acting and what an experience it was.

        I did eight auditions and I got them all! Yes you read it correctly!

                      I have to admit in the beginning it was very stressful and exciting to try and impress the directors and producers for the various roles I was going after. As time passed it become little easier.

             One memorable audition I want to share happened in November where I went to audition for a roles that I didn't know much about. Going blind into a role doesn't give you a framework to work with.

                I walked into the audition room and I was given an air duster and told to sell it. I was very confused and bewildered and then the casting director Albert Frank said "make the impossible possible" and  the I had a epiphany and I asked the question "What would Jim Carrey do?" and then all the movie I had watch the Canadian superstar do over the years from Dumb and Dumber, The Mask, Liar Liar flashed through my mind

  I began to say things like "This is not just for your computer you can use it for your arm pits, your hair and anything else"  Albert Frank expression was priceless!

       Every audition I did after that I used the same question, from dancing merenge with an invisible woman at the Fraser Institute in Toronto to acting as doctor and villain.

         Moral of story:  It's not just watching a movie, but turning the ideas upside down and acting and thinking a different way. That gets people attention!                


                                                                    MAGIC is HERE

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