Saturday, April 25, 2015

Product Review; Countour Roller Mouse Free 2

                   RollerMouse Free 2

                    " An amazing piece of technology that will transform the way we use our hands to do tasks on the keyboard in the 21st Century and beyond"  Jim Pagiamtzis

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   RollerMouse Free2 is based on our ergonomic expertise and inspired by users creating a modern ergonomic design with ultra high precision and quality.

RollerMouse Free2 helps to eliminate reaching for a traditional mouse relieving neck, shoulder, elbow, and wrist pain.

 There is no gripping necessary, thus avoiding the threat of repetitive strain injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis.


RollerMouse Free2 wins Attendees’ Choice Award for Best New Product 2010

RollerMouse Free2 awarded best new product that increases productivity and profitability while improving workplace health and safety. RollerMouse Free2 won the 2010 Attendees’ Choice Award at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas.

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