Monday, April 20, 2015

Journey to Birthday Bowling Bash Party

                   It all started at 7:00am my iPhone started buzzing every 5 minutes! I got 45 Happy Birthday message from my LinkedIn connections  I wasn't sure why did feel the earth shake and everything seem in order. wait.... It was Sunday April 12th. MY BIRTHDAY!!! Yippee Yes I am excited :)!

                   It was going to be an awesome day for sure with lots happening. Orthodox Easter was on this weekend also. There was lots of food to eat and deserts! (my favourite)

                Had great time with my 7 week old nephew check out our place for the 1st time. He was very interested in everything, mirrors,painting and enjoyed the 18 degree sunshine!

              We had our Easter feast and amazing birthday cake dessert and then it of to the main event of the evening. Birthday Bowling Bash at  Playtime Bowl in Toronto.

                 I had been promoting the event for a few weeks and was not sure who was coming.              


                  Bonus:  Got an awesome cake at work the next day. Chocolate Cake


Cake at home

Birthday Bowling Bash party attendees

Sujit Reddy and Randy Ramadhin

Brett Deguire and Jim Pagiamzis with my age

final score of the night

Jim Pagiamtzis and Randy Ramadhin at the end of watching Fast and Furious 7 at Cineplex at Yorkdale

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