Thursday, April 16, 2015

Board wasn't candid about camera in principal's office: The True Story

   I was very disappointed to read this story few weeks ago.

   I spend the entire year with Courtney Carroll in a mastermind mind group in 2011 before he wrote the book, and I can tell you categorically he wrote it on his own time.

  He is an amazing professional who takes his job very seriously. He has professional pursuits from Real Estate investor, Author, Speaker. Since when did this become a bad think

  Reality is people are jealous of success and can't understand how he did. Truth is he did it because he managed his time doing it. There is a quote "everyone has the same 24 hrs in the day, its your choice what you do it with it!" attributed to many.

  For the board to go to this length is truly extremely disappointing. They have better issues to deal with than chase a principal of a school for allegedly doing some on school time. (Which he did not)

 He is not the only one who has professional pursuits outside his work! Thousand of people do this and they are not recorded or be used an example to prove something that they can't rap their heads around of the possibilities on how it can't be done. 

  Something to be said pursing your dreams and goals! 

 Martin Luthur King "I have a dream" perhaps they should watch and learn something from it.Watch

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