Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spotight: Jean-Guy Francoeur

 In the last few months have been inspired and driven by Jean-Guy through his book and associated with Goal Achievers Canada.

Recently read the book called Messy Manager and its was enjoyable read that Jean-Guy took a complex problem of business management and created a easy to follow application to run a successful enterprise in any field.

1st       What was the inspiration to writing this current book?

The book is based on my decade+ of being an entrepreneur. I’ve never had a ‘job’ so I had to figure out the business world and I’ve had some phenomenal mentors along the way thus wanted to give back. Wanted to write a book that could become a tool belt for entrepreneurs whether young or old to have a track to run on instead of  jumping all over the place.

2nd     What  would you advise an entrepreneur or professional looking at writing a book?

Attend the Publish Your Way to Profits Weekend Workshop. It’s a $2000 investment that will save you $20.000+ time, money and mistakes. It’s not just that I teach the workshop but it’s the fact that you’re learning from a professional who has published over 250 books and generated over  $100 million using the very same principles  you’re trying to learn (ie: Gerry Robert). Don’t reinvent the wheel, just borrow a page from the playbook of professional who have demonstrated by their results that they can help you!

Also, follow the philosophies: 1. Get in down then get it right. 2. Getting the book is the easy part-getting RID of the book (i.e: marketing) is the CHALLENGE!

Lastly, give yourself permission to write a book. Everyone thinks you need to be mega-rich or a  PHD to write a book  but  the truth is that everyone has an expertise in something and everyone has the right to write! 

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