Sunday, May 8, 2011

Profits are Better than Wages May 7th Event was an amazing success

  The Profit Leaders a Goal Achievers Success team held their first event on Saturday May7th in Toronto. It was a excited journey for this event to occur, it was only 4 weeks ago that this event was created and implementation happen in three weeks. From designing of website, finding a venue, printing tickets and attracting two sponsors it was an exciting experience.

Just McMakin from Full Media Center designed the interactive website with videos, bio and registration page.
Jean Guy Francouer provided the template on what need to be done and by whom. Patrick Bizinvdayvi  was instrumental in find the location two weeks prior to the event!. Courtney Carrol and Jim Pagiamtzis participated in  promoting and marketing the event.  Paul Renie assisted in various areas.

Thank you to Author and Speaker Gerry Robert for being our key note speaker for the day and sharing his amazing story.

Barry Spilchuck Author of  Your my Hero book series for sharing his insight and experience on the journey his has gone through and how he chooses to succeed in the success of others

Jean Guy Francouer and Amanda Baily were our Master of Ceremonies who kept the crowd inspired and motivated throughout the day.

Christopher Van Derr Hoff  did not assist at this event due a previous commitment, his supported and encouragement was deeply appreciated.

Phil Taylor the visionionary who started this didn't speak at the event was the catalyst for this event has relocated in Alabama to build the Goal Achievers International

It was a team effort that made this happen. Big thank you to all the volunteers and  supporting cast who made this event a huge success

Stay tuned for details of the next Profits are Better than Wages event happening in June 2011

Jim Pagiamtzis is the author of  upcoming book Get Connected Make Wealth Happen. He can reached at jim for speaking and writing opportunities.

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