Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Publishing your way to Profits Weekend

Had the great opporutnity to participate in 3 day workshop with Author, book publisher Gerry Robert sharing his Publishing your way to Profits on how to write a book and how to sell it.

There were  25 enterpreneurs from various industries learning the strategies pieces involved writing and selling book in a systematic way that has yielded results.

Friday started by explaing how to Plan it and write it. Utilizing an amazing template process that make it simple to plan out your chapter and how they should flow.

Saturday was about how to promote and market the book, understanding how to position the book as a buisness and how to leverage multiple sources fo income

Sunday we learned how to get sponsorship and fund the book and amazing marketing ideas that have worked.

Throughout the weekend we had multiple breakout sessions where we networking and learned about each other. We filmed testimonials with each other which enhanced our relationships.

Look forward to applying these ideas into my first book. The link is below


Author- Jim Pagiamtzis

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