Thursday, May 19, 2011

Associating with Gerry Robert

It was April 28-31  had the opportunity to attend Publishing your way to Profit 3 day event.Big thanks to Jean-Guy Francoeur  for this great gift! His association with the Goal Achievers Speaker Development group/mastermind has been amazing. Everyone of the team member attend this event which we learned how to write book and also market and sell it!

The next week had the awesome time at Profits  are better than Wages in association with Goal Achievers International  shared  the stage with Gerry Robert who has spoken to 3 million people  and had written multiple books. This was put together in four weeks (story for another blog).

The following speakers shared  the insight on Business,Life and Success also Courtney Carroll, Patrick Bizindayvi, Justin McMakin, James Burgess, Jean Reeves, Barry Spilchuk.  Jean Guy Francoeur and Amanda Bailey were our mc's  for the day. Big thanks to all our volunteers who came early and left very late.

On May 19,2011 was invited again by Jean-Guy Francoeur  to Rapid Results Marketing Workshop that Gerry Robert puts together throughout  the year. There was great information shared in the half day workshop on how to be more effective in marketing your business or products. (link below)

In an article I wrote for Centennial College few years ago talked about seeking out great speakers. Becoming a great speaker involves patience, practice and execution. Learning for other dynamic speakers gives your that added edge learning about their story and how they overcame there pitfalls. Listening to Gerry Robert  and getting to know him has added the fuel and  the inspiration to succeeding as professional paid speaker.

Look forward to listen and learning from many more speakers in the days and years to com

Go out there an Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

Jim Pagiamtzis
Author of Get Connected Make Wealth Happen!

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