Sunday, April 5, 2009

For the Striving and Growing Entrepreneurs

7 Strategies of How to deal with uncertain times in the current economy
To use a quote from the book Good to Great by Jim Collins "Good is the enemy of Great". If you striving to become Great you have to really excel in these good times with opportunities abound.
In the these slow economic times its important have some key strategies working for yourself to able rise above in the months to come, like a well-prepared ship strong business will weather these economic times.
Know thy self
You have resources within you self to respond to almost any challenge. You know what you need to do, but are you doing it? Your presence must be felt day in day out, whether you are there or not. Lead by example, especially in the times of crisis to communicate in no uncertain terms that you are committed to your business, you client and your customers.
If you have people on your team who are underperforming, ask why. If you did not communicate clearly, take ownership for it and correct it. If a team member is not performing perhaps a coaching session may be applicable to clarity issues. Work to step by step program to progress to getting some immediate results. Cultivate and attract new team members who bring growth, bigger networks and experience to your team.
Be Different
Whether you are recruiting, or selling product or service, it is important to continually strengthen what you offer and focus its benefits. Do you have a specific target market if so offer your product to customers who will use it or know someone who can use it. Focus on products that strengthen what you offer and take time to learn about others that can give you flexibility.
Connect & Communicate
Your specified market needs to know what you are doing, why, and how it benefits them. If they don't you may have a great product that very few people know about. Remember to not only use traditional vehicles for communication such as advertising, but also new and innovative low cost tools such as email campaigns, word-of-mouth, referrals, testimonials, social networking (Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter) and other methods that are at least as effective if not more and cost less.
Connect with your existing customers
You already have a customer base, as ask yourself what you done lately to tell them that you are grateful that they choose to use your product. Invite customers and ask them to invite friends to events in your area, perhaps at speaking engagement your are giving or event with a great cause.
Strengthen you Business relationships
Go through your database and find those social contacts who could be event coordinators or entrepreneurs who have existing networking groups that you can provide your product and service. Entrepreneurial business owners always want to partner up or do joint ventures. Create a win-win situation that can be implemented easily and effectively.
Build on Community Relations
The best to Get ConnectedMake It Happen! is to create meaningful, long-term connections with your customers is to connect with them through the community. Understand their community and what is important to it and reach out to it. There are many neighborhood events held throughout the spring and summer. Get out and talk to your neighbors and community leaders and re-connect with old schoolmates.
The year ahead may have some waves of uncertainty, regardless of your current state of business you can control what you do TODAY! If you are willing to spend some time and Get Connected with your resources that you have around you and go out there and make it Happen!

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