Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fitness Trends for a Better & Healthier YOU!

Whether you work out at home or go the gym, fitness has to part of Your life.

As we are well in the new year and many of us have decided to make new commitment to lose weight and/or get into better shape. Key point to remember is to keep to the basic work at your pace and gradually increase your effort and persistence toward your goal you have set to reach.

Anne Wilkinson is a spokesperson for the American Council of Exercise (ACE) she says “sometimes the initial thrill or novelty of an exercise program wears off. Sometimes people miss a few sessions and then have a hard time getting back on track, the fitness industry to consumers’ needs for new ideas or change by adapting programs”.

Back to the Basics:

Canadians have very busy schedules from taking care of children to working in the professions. While the committed will go the gym to exercise, the average people will look for a way to squeeze it in.

Terry Gogna, success coach says “ You cannot “make” or “manage” TIME. You can only create and manage personal events.”

You may begin using the F.I.T method which will give the stair step effect of moving forward and deals with basic fitness needs like strength, balance and flexibility.


Utilize your surroundings as you go through your day. From taking the stairs either on the subway or at work instead of the elevator (even a few floors to start!). Movement is important, we sit in a chair for most of the day, so standing up for at least a few minutes would be good and go for brief walk to doing some simple leg lifts to shoulder stretch can be done.


Everyone surroundings are different, even before you get to work you can do some stretches/ sit-ups or running to start you day of in an energetic way. At work find an area and do some arm stretches, heads rolls or some speed walking. This will increase you heart beat slight and flex your muscles.


As you begin to get in the groove of you daily physical activity next step is to you do it for at least 21 days at that time it will become a habit will be part of your day in an effortless way. Key factor is to have people from friends and co-workers to encourage you and even accountable on your journey to a healthier you.

Team Up!:

One of the best ways to do it with someone, have an accountability partner to track your activities. You can motivate and inspire each other to get up in the morning to go for that morning jog or go with power walk with you co-worker. Turn on your IPod and inspire through songs to create musical inspiration.

Studies have shown that when teaming up with people either for personal or business goals, the possibilities for success are much higher to the face you have the encouragement and support of people around who want to see everyone succeed.

When you go out to events or to the gym it’s important to meet new people and get used to the surroundings. Many gyms have multiple locations which is even better suited to see different aspects of the gym and interact with different trainers and members.

Jim P Testimonial

“Since I have been going to the gym for the past year it has been of great impact to talk and interact with trainers and to various gyms and trying out various machines. Have met entrepreneurs and fellow gym members with inspiring and motivating stories of the importance of health & wellness in their lives, being persistent and making it part of their daily routine was key factor and making the experience a success”

“Get ConnectedMake It Happen” Jim Pagiamtzis

Work out at Home or guest pass at the local GYM:

My personal experience is I worked out at home for 2 years at 3 days week which included cycling in spring and summer and participated in biking and running events in the summer. Proceed to go try out fitness facility and try out the machines and other programs to get used to the environment. Got a fitness evaluation and proceeded to go and work out 4 days a week.

Had attended a Yoga class recently and the instructor said it’s the “process not the procedure” very much the same in moving forward in taking stair step effect in doing some exercises as home/work or just going out and using one day/10 day pass at a local gym.

Your are creating new habits that in the beginning may seem somewhat challenging as you begin to put the effort and energy you will created the momentum that eventually make it part of your daily routine. Similar steps occur in the work environment from learning a new method or procedure through persistence and trial and error you will eventually learn the new skills.

“Momentum is gaining the desired result by repeating successful actions”

Lori Raudnask

Specialty Facilities:

Over the past 10 years there have many facilities that cater to specific regimens from Yoga, Pilates. There are also community gym that are available usually for small fee that you can go play basketball or volleyball at. You can also search online and you will find organizations that offer different types of events from archery, tennis clinics & paint ball!

Picking one of these avenues is stress free and allows you to test yourself out without any pressure. Events are provide relaxed atmosphere and do things at your own pace.

Mixing it Up!:

As mentioned earlier routine is for some the hardest to create or break. Great quote by Robert Rohm “ secret to your success is in your daily routine”

Many of us have to get our morning coffee or donut and take the same route to work and pick up the newspaper at the same newsstand. Let’s change that routine for the next three weeks and get you apple juice! , at different location, pick up and read health magazine this week and take a different route to work ( even if it’s just a couple of streets).

You will be amazed how these new experience(s) will make you feel and how you will start to create and new habit for YOU.

As you begin to work out you self-esteem and confidence will begin to increase and this will allow you to be more effortless in the regimen.

Good friend of mine who is retired register nurse had this great quote “elevator is broken please use stairs”

It was interesting quote but very serious result. Delay gratification is done by many by skipping meals to loose or stop smoking to live longer. It comes down to taking basis steps in make sure you get the right nutritional needs and creating the commitment to stick to you plan.

From obesity, social environment from long term family & friends to believe that adage “ you can’t teach an old dog new trick” which in my opinion issimply not true. There were numerous times where patient were way above the normal weight, which affected the ability for patients to recover quickly and effectively. Drinks high sugar and high caffeine has brought ongoing issue of diabetes from too much sugar intake.

Have Fun!

In any action you begin to do its important to have some excitement from listen to music on your Ipod to talking about your experience to fellow trainer and people you meet in you surroundings. Motivation come in many way internal and external factors it understand what drives you to keep in moving forward and allowing your momentum to fuel that energy you enjoy the experience and being happy with the results that you will striving to achieve and work for.

Many great videos and dvd’s available at your library and bookstore. Plenty of magazine that can give you suggestions and tips that you can incorporate in your workout routine.

Get ConnectedMake It Happen and enjoy the experience of getting back into shape and enjoy the journey while doing so.

Important to check with physician for annual checkups or any health related questions which you may have.

Important factor to remember is to use the step by step routine to reach your desired goal. In the end its all about better and healthier YOU!

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