Friday, March 20, 2009

Are you dressed for Success?

One of the most fundamental things that every entrepreneur should know and realize is the most famous saying " You only have one chance to make a first impression" so you better make it great one. In getting connected with various people through out your day its very important to just speaking with professionalism but show that you professional business entrepreneur.

"First Impression is a lasting impression"

Let's face the reality in networking world. Appearance and personal conduct do matter. Whether we agree or not , judgments are made continually about us based largely on our appearance, on the way we look. Our credibility is based on our appearance and on our professional conduct. Those who want to succeed in business, life and success take the time to look their best and act appropriately for any given occasion. No matter what background, anyone can learn to look great and conduct themselves in a professional way. Entrepreneur must realize that details do matter. As professionals in our industry we must strive to take that time to get the best assistance to look our best in anything we do. In getting new suit its important to make sure you go to qualified professional to assist in your needs.(recommend resource at the end). Professional clothiers know that such level of care is reflected in your personal appearance and in your mannerisms will attract positive and as well foster confidence. As you pay more attention to details you'll find that such skill is highly valued. Wearing shoes that are shined will you give you the appearance of a go-getter or a great fitting neck tie will look more serious, research studies show there is high correlation between appearance and perception of professional abilities, your first impression is a lasting impression that you want making your best impression!.

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