Saturday, May 5, 2018

(True) Story: The Fencer!

(True) Story: In 2016 I was hired to teach at private school in Richmond Hill,ONT 12 week course on communication and leadership to students ages 9-12.

It was memorable 12 weeks. One of the student named Wendy made a big impact on me.
The first 2 weeks of the course all she said to me was Hello and Good bye!.

In week 3 everything changed.I was sharing with them speaking strategies and they had to come up and share a quick story. Everyone did except Wendy.

So I stood there thinking What should I do?

 Early in the class she had mentioned she was tired and had mentioned it was due to fencing practice
.I asked her to come up tell me more about the sport. She said "with what" I said "imagination!"

All of students backed up a few feet in their chairs. She got up and all of sudden I was afraid!

I said "show me" In the next few minutes we had an imaginary duel of fencing.

I saw her smile and look happy for the first time in weeks.

 At the end of the class the students came up to me and said "that was smart and gutsy!"

In the coming weeks Wendy was interactive and very talkative.

My mentor had a great saying "walk in a person's shoes but don't live there"

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