Sunday, May 27, 2018

" Solo- A Star Wars Story" : Movie Review


       Jim Pagiamtzis review;
         Ron Howard took over late in the game and created a visual masterpiece on the journey of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich)  and where he fit in the Star War Story.  Every character had a story to share but not enough screen time for all them.
           There is lots of insights on how Han got his name and how he met Chewbacca and the journey they went with Lando Calrissian (Danny Glover)
        Along the way they meet some interested friends and foes and plans are made and broken.
         The are lots of great suprises which make the twist and turns even more interesting!
       The end will may leave you little confused and have to do some research to understand what exactly occured. (see links below)
       Overall cool family film to watch and the Star Wars Saga continues...
        7 out of 10 stars

   Sujit K Reddy Review:
    Good: Acting was believable, great action and visuals
    Bad: Chewbacca Life debt to Han not included
    Ugly: "Kessel Run" was not really defined well
KJ Proulx Review: read more
How (spoiler)  Darth Maul is still alive in Solo: Star Wars Story read more
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                 Movie Plot:
Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins a gang of galactic smugglers, including a 196-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel for the dangerous mission -- the Millennium Falcon.


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