Friday, May 18, 2018

Special Movie Post: 4 Amazing years in the movie industry!

        Thursday May 17th

      I saw these four star on the ground at the North York Memorial Hall yesterday morning and it reminded me of the amazing success I have had being part of the movie industry in Toronto.

    Being part of movies, doing commercial, music videos and meeting some amazing people who are making it happen in Hollywood!  

          Have some of my community join me has been a great thrill and experience to share with them how movies are made and the sweat equity involved.

   I started in 2014 and did a couple of small films and then graduated and did a feature film in the same year!

    Fast forward to 2018 and it has been one extraordinary journey being part of this amazing community of actors, directors, producers working on their amazing craft.

     Not sure what the future holds, I am excited to keep the magic happening. stay tuned!

4 star

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