Friday, August 11, 2017

Journey to appointment in Vaughan (Ontario)

Jim Pagiamtzis at Fastenal store on Pine Valley Drive and Steeles Ave east

    The goal was simple:

       Get to Pine Valley Road and Steeles Ave East for a job interview at 11:00am

  I did my research on the employer and where they were located

   Started my journey downtown Toronto at 9:15am  and took a quick subway ride east to St. George Stationa nd then Northbound to Wilson Station.

       When I got to Wilson station headed toward the bus terminal and noticed the second floor was under construciton and quickly ask lady that was wearing information vest "Where do I get the 165 West bus" she responded on this floor to your left.

  The bus showed very quickly and headed across Wilson and then north on weston.

  I got off the bus just half a block from Steeles and started walking to cross the street. When I noticed the bus turning left!  I waved to the driver if he was going across Steeles and he waved his finger with the no sign.

 Proceed to cross the street to get the bus going across Steeles ave East. I had about 35 minutes to ge to the interview. I figured lots of time, so I started to walk and look over my shoulder for the bus. Nothing appeared.

 It was a hot and muggy day in Toronto, figured I could use the exercise and burn some calories!

  Just as reached the next bus stop the bus shows up and I got on flashed my metropass and ask the driver if he went to Pine Valley Road and he said "Yes I do about 5 blocks away"

 I stayed near the front as he continued to journey, what I failed to recognize is these were 5 very long blocks!

   We reached Pine Valley Road and Steeles and I got off the bus and looking north and began to walk.

   I was looking for 7000 Pinevally road and I look at the first building and it said 30!

 Wow I have lot of walking to do. There is a bus that goes north but you have to pay an extra ticket to use it. Figured I would walk and burn some more calories!

   About 10 minutes of walking I started to figure there was something wrong. When I check the address on Google maps before my journey it show that it was very near Pine Valley Road and Steeles avenue east

  So I began to look around for a Taxi to hail. nothing in sight!  I had about 10 mintus at this time to get to the interview. I was beginning to panic and get very frustrated and upset a myself of messing this up.

   After I got over that would you know it a Taxi shows up and I flag him down.

   I get in and I said "need to get to 7000 Pine Valley road in 5 minutes!"

  He said "great I think 700  is on the right hand side"

  I said " oh that make sense, I was looking on the other side at the small numbers"

   He kept on driving and looking at the numbers, we go back very near the intersection and I see a sign that says 7000 on it. " We are here" I said

 Taxi driver says something very funny " don't you have phone with internet?"

  I said "yes I do!, unfortunately I didn't thnk of using it!"

  I gave him the money owed plus a tip

  I literllary walk in at at 11:00am and greet the secretary

  Moral of the story: The journey begins with small steps, don't get hung up on buring calories, make sure you know where the end is! 

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