Monday, September 19, 2016

Spotlight Story: Alfonso Cuadra and The Mobile Scooter business in Montreal


E-Bike Plus keeps you mobile in style. These Mobility Scooters and Ebikes not only look good, but they’re solidly built, have a bit more speed and they’re comfortable. Owner Alfonso Cuadra knows a good product when he sees one. “When I first met Kane Masrour, the original owner of the business, I knew he had something to offer,” says Cuadra. “His electric bikes were a great idea, but he was looking to wind-down. So I stepped in and offered to take over the business. The first thing I did was change locations.”

Cuadra didn’t move the business very far but it now has frontage on Montreal road, lots of space for a showroom and plenty of room in the back for a repair shop. Masrour stayed on to help with the business as well. E-Bike Plus just celebrated its first anniversary and business is booming. And Boomers are big business for Cuadra, who has plans to expand.
One of the biggest issues facing an aging population is mobility. Every year Baby Boomers become an increasingly larger part of that population. This is a segment of the population that has enjoyed their freedom and mobility. And Cuadra suspects that there will be an increased demand on these environmentally-friendly, easy-to-maintain mobility scooters. “We’re already starting to see that demand,” says Cuadra. And he has some pretty nifty vehicles to fill that demand. One of his mobility scooters is actually even called a Boomerbuggy. This is an ideal way to get around the neighbourhood for anyone with mobility issues.

The four wheels make it very stable, and as Masrour points out, “you can fit them into an elevator and they will go through an apartment door.” Cuadra has had many of them completely personalized. He says that one owner has decked out his scooter with Harley-Davidson insignia and painted it deep red. “For me,” says Cuadra, that’s saying ‘I’m here and I’m enjoying life.
For the more daring individual, Cuadra says the Rickshaw King is just the thing. “This scooter has a lot of pep to it,” says Cuadra. “Heck, you can even get going faster than the allowable speed limit on NCC bicycle paths – which I don’t recommend. But it will get you from A to B in no time and it can go 50 kilometers before needing to be recharged.”

If you want the ultimate though, it has to be the Boomerbuggy Covered. The covered version looks like a baby SmartCar. And not only is it fun, it’s functional. You’re protected from the elements, it has a heater on board, a windshield wiper and easy access from both sides. Safety-wise, as soon as the throttle is released from the hand controls, it brakes automatically. “I know many seniors are devastated when they can no longer drive,” says Cuadra. “The covered Boomerbuggy just might be an alternative because you don’t need a drivers’ license to operate one.” Cuadra just might be onto something. An aging population is going to want that mobility and they can do it with non-polluting electric scooters. And his mobility scooters are green, sexy technology. He has a good feeling about it.

As a young man growing up, Cuadra didn’t have a good feeling about much. He ended up a high-school dropout and homeless on the streets of Ottawa. “I used to panhandle not far from where E-Bike Plus is now located.” That changed when he had a daughter at age 17. I realized it wasn’t about me anymore. I now had a purpose. And that purpose was making sure my daughter had a better life than I’d had.”

He started a small clothing business. It became extremely successful and grew to 15 locations across the country. By the time he sold it, Cuadra knew he liked being an entrepreneur. And he was good at it. He started other businesses and those thrived as well. Now he helps motivate other people, other businesses and teenagers through his professional speaking engagements. “I think I resonate with teens because they can identify with my story. I never felt like I could achieve anything and I blamed everyone else. Many teens feel disconnected. I tell them they have to find their purpose.” Cuadra realized he had to change for his daughter’s sake, so he did. He says he often hears worse life-experience stories than his own. “Those are the people that can really help others and help themselves by using that experience,” he says.

Cuadra hosts his own television show on Rogers TV – Success by Design. He says to find your purpose and when you have to change, change. “You know,” says Cuadra, “you never learn anything from winning all the time. Losing really helps you learn.” Wise words from a former street-kid.
The first year E-Bike Plus celebration was in keeping with Cuadra’s philosophy of encouraging ‘community, family and contributing to good.’ It became a fundraiser for the Shepherds of Good Hope. In fact, every business opportunity that he looks at has to be framed with his philosophy. He also believes that leadership should be at the bottom of the business pyramid, supporting the people who make it work. “I liked E-Bike Plus because of the ‘green’ aspect but it’s also a great platform for creating jobs in the community. The technicians who work with us like Charles(1 of the best) are really good at what they do. So I let them do what they’re good at. It’s called respect.”
A year ago, Cuadra decided to give the E-Bike Plus business a chance. He could see that it had the potential to grow. And he could see that people were starting to think more about an aging population. So when Kane Masrour approached him and said, “What do you have to lose?” Cuadra answered with, “Let’s go for it – I’m in.” There are many aging Boomers who are going to thank him for taking that chance.

Now 3 locations

Drop in and see the E-Bike Plus Boomerbuggy at 89 Montreal Road or at the pop-up store at 179 George Street in the Market or in Kingston 1473 Princess st,. orcheck out and take a look at these fun and functional vehicles. Find out more about the inspiring Alfonso Cuadra on his website at and find out how to live your dreams.

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