Friday, September 23, 2016

Event Review: Archangel Summit at the Sony Theatre in Toronto

About 48 hours ago, I went to the Archangel Summit. This event brought together over 1,300 people to learn from some of the most inspirational entrepreneurial peeps who are killin’ tha game right now.
Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, JJ Virgin, Giovanni Marsico (the creator), Nicholas Kusmich (who blew everyone’s minds with his emcee skills), Natalie MacNeil, Gretchin Rubin, Robin Sharma and Dan Martell were a few all-stars that rocked the stage.

Being at the summit and with 1300 people was jolt of energy I need for sure!  There were lots of people I knew from Sujit Reddy, James Erdt, Todor Yardonov, Melissa Moniz, Crystal Chen, Michael Santonato, and his partner Louise, Katia Millar, Leyla Razeghi, Julie Boyer, Ash Silva

 I made an effort to meet new people and I heard some great true stories from Thomas Kustra, Dr. Satdip L.S. Binning, Dr. Angela E Lauria and her husband and Leslie Milthorpe

   Gwen Elliot shared this in her article on Medium.
 "I noticed something quite inspiring. Everyone was telling me some real shit. From dealing with depression or anxiety to relationship challenges to ‘everything’s falling apart,’ I was moved by the raw honesty that people were willing to share. And of course there were really good things happening too - from books deals, to businesses thriving, families doing well etc"

Jim Pagiamtzis and Archangel banner

Jim Pagiamtzis recognized  as being AWESOME!

Seth Godin sharing

Launch of  Gratitude app

Gary Vaynerchuk doing Q & A
                 And this happened: James Erdt ask a question which made the crowd go will.

              He wants to raise 2 million dollars to buy a ranch for At Risk Youth and Gary Vaynerchuk gave him a few strategies and just before he went to the next question he said "hey buddy put me in for 50K!"    The crowd went crazy!!  People went nuts throwing business cards at him offering their services and more money follow


            Here are his own words from the Facebook post:

"During the Gary Vaynerchuk question & answer session, I went out on a limb and presented a question asking how I could raise $1 million on social media with his professional advice to open up a ranch for at-risk teen boys... Not only did Gary Vee answer the question with absolute passion, extraordinary ideas and irreplaceable experience... He did something that erupted a standing ovation in the entire room!! As I was returning to my seat, Gary says "Hey wait bro... put me down for the first $50,000 towards the ranch." Everybody in the entire building went crazy… I've never had more high-fives, congratulations, hugs and biz cards thrown at me offering services supporting the ranch including video, photography, web development, real estate guidance plus more guardians, teachers and coaches ready to work with the boys supporting their rehabilitation, growth and healing.

So then as I leave the auditorium and head back stage to talk to some of the speakers, one of them came up and privately gave me another $10,000.

Shortly thereafter a fella in his 20s came up to me and mentioned he was so moved by what just happened that he's going to give $500!

Then I get a text from a dear friend, Todor Yordanov:

I have 20k people on my list and will send out your video when ready AND I am matching Gary's $50K! Let's go BIG!

At this point everybody is out into the lobby after the event and I couldn't even make it from one side of the room to the other without people stopping me to congratulate me on this epic day and victory!! I am so grateful to everyone who expressed their kind regards, warm wishes and love! You know who you are and myself plus the teen boys thank you. With your kind support they will have a future… I promise you that.

Then it gets better… My friend Jim Pagiamtzis came up to me and offered an additional $1000 on the spot!

I can truly say I've witnessed a miracle. Within 1 hour we are $111,500 closer to opening up $2 million ranch! It's happening!!!"

                 After he finished I rush up to the front and this happens!
Jim Pagiamtzis and Gary Vaynerchuk

Jim Pagiamtzis and Archangel media wall

Todor Yardonov , Jim Pagiamtzis and James Erdt celebrating something very special, more on that later!


     Gary Vaynerchuk participated in 10 second game with an attendee


        We also got some free gifts below: I will read and review on my blog

#askgaryvee book

 Great insights shared by Gwen Elliot in her article below:

Since I felt so comforted by people telling me what’s really going on for them at the event, I felt like today was the day to share tha truth I’m feeling (behind the online highlight reel) and how I’ve coped with compare and despair mode. Here are what I’ve learned TO DO and what NOT TO DO when faced with an inspiration hangover.
What Not To Do:
  1. Cancel all social plans and stop talking to people IRL. This was honestly what I did. I had plans to co-work and plans in the evening that I totally shut down. I let anxiety win, and figured I needed to be alone to ‘figure it out on my own.’ This truly did not work.
  2. Push the Feelings of Dread Down with Pumpkin Scones. Yeahhhh. The next day I became an emotional eater. When I go to Starbucks to get a donut (yes…a donut from Starbucks), then notice I’m back in there devouring a pumpkin scone a few hours later, I knew it was not for the enjoyment of the food, but to try to push down feelings of sadness. Though delicious, it was a temporary band-aid solution.
  3. Stay Silent. I considered sharing this sooner and kept saying ‘eff it…’ and then watched more Gary Vee videos. Apparently that does not work ;). If I’ve learned one thing that has helped, it’s that being open and sharing what you’re going through to the right people can calm dem nerves and help you get back to feeling like yourself.
  4. Watch More Inspiration Content. This can be like an addiction. I found myself wanting to go back to watching more and more inspiring content and not deal with my own shit because it was an incredible way to numb out.
What To Do (What’s Working):
  1. Go Outside. Getting fresh air, and being in nature really does wonders for the body and soul! Especially if you’re indoors for a day, it’s so powerful to breathe in the fresh air when you can.
  2. Allow the Breakdown. I love the saying ‘you breakdown before you breakthrough.’ One teachable that stuck with me throughout the event was how every speaker turned their pain into something powerful. When pain is just sitting there inside your body, it’s no fun. So I figured I’d at least share what I’m feeling in case it can help someone else who’s feeling the same way.
  3. Focus on Helping Someone Else. The moment I started focusing on helping the entrepreneur’s I’m working with or responding to emails/FB messages asking for help — I started to get back to centre and feel more like myself.
  4. Comfort Yourself. Sometimes you really do just need a pumpkin scone to feel a little bit better. Then you feel ready to go for the real healing.
In conclusion: suffering sucks. And suffering in silence REALLY sucks. So I hope if you’re feeling the heaviness of life right now, please don’t let it take you out of the game. There really is a blue sky behind the storm clouds… and perhaps even a rainbow!

 To see her entire article go to Read more

 GaryVaynerchuk post in Toronto


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