Sunday, September 11, 2016

Restaurant Review: Wahlburgers- Toronto

The "Eh" Burger

   I was walking TIFF on King Street West on Friday Sept 9th,2016 so Sujit Reddy and I decided to take a break and watch some baseball and have a quick dinner.

 As we walk in we noticed there was green everywhere!

 We continued to in and noticed we had choice, either we could do take out or stay in.  We decided to grab a seat and wait to be served.

  I had the "Eh" burger and it was very good. I though it would be little bigger. It tasted great!

 We had very pleasant and courteous customer service. Only issue is that they didn't have public wifi. I did share that with our waitress, She said it on the list of things she wanted to suggest.

Overall a great experience. I give it 7 Wahlburgers out of 10

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