Sunday, July 10, 2016

Movie Review: Warcraft (2016)



             Movie Plot; The world of humans and orc collide with dire consequences for both.

             Movie Review:
                   "Playing the video game many years ago (see review below) I was excited to see the movie come to the big screen this year. Following the delays that plagued the film overs it was time for Warcraft to shared with audience of the 21st Century.

                      The game has evolved and change over the years and the movie gives you the road map to understand the history of Humans vs Orcs.  It takes some time for the movie to build some momentum as its reaches the final climax all the pieces fall in to place to lay the ground work for this franchise to grow on the silver screen for years to come.

                    The mix of humans and CGI was very well done and you could learn and feel the characters grow as the movies and story began to unfold. Just watching the credits is an experience for sure, just to see all the digital artists involved

                   I give the movie at 8 of 10. Worth the watching for sure!


           In the early 2000 I was fascinated by Warcraft and so were many of my friends I worked with. My friend David Ito was a master at playing the game.It had an online feature at that time and you could be play other contenders online.

             This where I it got really fun and excited. I worked at computer store at the time and Tim Follet was salesman at the time. He always talk about Warcarft and all the various boards he had reached. I set up a epic match between him and I online, and with the help David Ito I would crush Tim Follet on a consistent basis!

            Using strategies that we had evolved and perfect we had not contenders for a long time!


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