Saturday, July 30, 2016

Book Review: Top 150 Unusual Things To See in Ontario


   "An amazing book with pictures of places that you may have seen but not know the story about them. You will be flipping the pages and immersed in some awesome insights on treasure place in Ontario" Jim Pagiamtzis

  P.S My brother contributed a picture in this book on page 266 

"The sights stand out for their splendor or quirkiness. Some are natural wonders, others are man-made. They might be tricky to find, or perched so close that you'll wonder how you missed them...."
-- Toronto Star
Thoroughly researched and written in an inviting style, Ron Brown's descriptions offer fascinating stories with background, location and accompanying color photographs. Most places are easy to reach from Ontario's major population centers and bordering American cities and towns.
Just a few of the 25 new unusual places in this edition are:
  • The Huron Fishing Weirs
  • Muskoka's Torrance Barrens
  • The Log Heritage of the Ottawa Valley
  • The Ruins of Fort St. Joseph
  • The Church on the Rock; St. Peter's of Stoney Lake
  • Toronto's Graffiti Alleys
  • The Luminous Veil, Toronto's Unusual Suicide Barrier
  • Ontario's Alligators
  • Trenton's Ad Astra Stones
  • Kingston's Penitentiary Museum
  • The Stoney Creek Pillar
  • The Ghost Ship of Jordan Harbour
  • The Coldwater Mill
  • Ontario's Beastly Bridge, the Parry Sound Wildlife Crossing.
Each of the 150 destinations is updated with detailed maps that pinpoint every location.

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