Monday, May 9, 2016

Keep Pushin' (Spring April & May) 2016 Edition

Spring (April & May) 2016 Edition

Sujit K. Reddy, 
Founder & CEO  of 
Human Capital Solutions 
speaking on Personal Branding Using Social Media at the recent Canada Job Expo in Toronto
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Monday, May 9th, 2016.

The "Keep Pushin'" Newsletter is back with a lot of exciting news to share! Human Capital Solutions & its' Founder; Sujit K. Reddy have had an excellent 1st quarter to 2016 so far!

We have continued to have collaborative discussions with key people and organizations to advance the various projects we have eluded to in the last several months. We are looking forward to rolling things out very soon!

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement; and hope that this newsletter continues to serve as a vehicle to allow you to "Keep Pushin'" towards your own goals and dreams!
News, Views & Interviews
NEWS: Accessible Planet Documentary

Human Capital Solutions is currently involved in the planning of a documentary. This project will progress over the next 2 - 5 years & span from a local project into an international movement.

The documentary is to focus on the concept of a fully accessible planet & what that means to people and what it should mean to people.

We are looking for your assistance and for the assistance of any one you may know who can assist us in any way, shape or form.

Please contact us with any thoughts or ideas via our email address listed below.

As this project advances you will be updated.

VIEWS: Becoming A Positive Change Agent

How does one begin to make the transition from being a every day 9 to 5 person to a agent of positive change for the world? Attending events & being around people who are all about that! 

Join me & 100's of others this month at New Peaks' Millionaire Mind Experience in Toronto by clicking below and registering!:

INTERVIEWS: Teen Wealth Radio

Our Founder & CEO; Sujit K. Reddy was interviewed by Brandi England, Host of Teen Wealth Radio in April.

To have a listen, click here: 

Upcoming Events
May 13th - 15th: Millionaire Mind Experience
May 30th: MoMondays - Toronto

If you or someone you know wishes to have Sujit K. Reddy as part of their event, panel discussion, radio or tv interview, please send an email with a formal request of: Date, Time & Topic to the email address at the bottom of this newsletter.

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As always, we are open to your feedback and suggestions to serve you better and improve this newsletter and what we are doing in the world.


Sujit K. Reddy

Founder & CEO
Human Capital Solutions

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