Friday, May 6, 2016

Journey to watching Captain America Civil War

     The Law of Attraction is awesome experience. Here is a story the shows how it happens.

  It was Thursday May 5th and I was the Realtor Quest show at the Toronto Congress Show. I was hired to help share a new app called Expenseone

  My friend Randy Ramadhin who Real Estate Agent, Mortgage agent and Author was going to attending the show on Thursday afternoon.

  He arrive at about 2pm we connected at the show soon after that. I had introduced to some new connections at various booths, as the show was ending I had asked him if he could drop me of at Yorkdale Shopping Mall on his way back home. He agreed.

  We got in his car and I ask him if we could relax for few minutes, I had been on my feet for two days straight and was exhausted. He made some calls and then he said "let's go have dinner and watch a movie"

 I said " sure. lets go to Yorkdale and watch the new Captain America Civil War movie!"

 We started our journey and he mentioned he had to make pit stop at his office to drop of a cheque and make some calls on our way.

 He said "how about we got to Colossus on 400  and Jane"

 I said " sure let's go"

 We ran the errand and headed to the theatre.

As we entered the theatre parking lot Randy head toward the front to find a parking spot close the theatre. " I said " why do you always to got the front of the theatre for a parking spot, never any spots available!" Just as I finished my sentence 3 cars pull out! Randy just laughs and says "you see two spots!"

We got out of the car and within 1 minute we run into two guys and who say "you guys want two ticket for the Captain America Civil War Movie playing tonight, $10 dollars each comes with free pop and popcorn" Randy and I both say "sure" as Randy Ramadhin pays them we join them and walk into the theatre.

 After a few minute of handling a small issue we were in!

 Just like that we watching an awesome movie.

 Afterward we went to Jack Astor and saw the Toronto Raptors beat the Miami Heat in overtime in Game two of  Eastern Division series

 Moral of the Story.  You can be at the right place at the right time and awesome things can happen!

   Final note;

      Join the Work Hard Play Harder Group as we watch the movie at Cineplex at Yorkdale Shopping Mall. Find us on Facebook or Meet up for details.

Realtor Quest show

Jim Pagiamtzis and his pass

Randy Ramadhin and his pass

Randy Ramadhin and Jim Pagiamtzis post movie


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