Friday, May 6, 2016

Event Review: Realtor Quest Conference & Trade Show presented by Toronot Real Estate Board

   It was an amazing two days at Realtor Quest show at the Toronto Congress Centre. Learn, speak and socialize with experts in the field.


Show guide

Jim Pagiamtzis at Expense One banner

Left to Right Ravi Amin, David Hartwell, Nadanne Hartwell and Jim Pagiamtzis

Jim Pagiamtzis and Instragram post

Jim Pagiamtzis and Nadanne Hartwell At Expense One banner

Cherry Chan and colleague


Sandra Rinomato sharing insights to Realtors at the show

Trebardy! at Realtor Quest show

Panoramic shot from our booth

Realtors Care pamphlet


  1. Superb details from Realtor Quest show. I am sure it had a huge success. Our trade show was also great. We organized that for the promotion of our vehicle wraps, signs and trade show displays service. We got many new customers too from this show.

  2. I think real estate business is still profitable. Am I right? I want to open this business. Thanks!