Thursday, April 7, 2016

Journey to meeting Kelly Gruber

  It was a chilly day in Toronto.That didn't matter because the Blue Jays are back in Toronto and first game of the season is on Friday April 8th at the Rogers Centre. new turf and new team

 I had the great opportunity to work at the Skydome (name back then) for 3 years from 89-91

Go Jays Go!

P.S Its my birthday next week  4 tickets for game on Tuesday would be awesome vs Yankees!


Roger Connected Zone at Rogers Head office in Toronto 333 Bloor Street West

Jim Pagiamtzis and Rogers Connected Zone

Jim Pagiatmzis and jays logo

Jim Pagiamtzis and blue jays 2016

Jim Pagiamtzis and virtual Marcus Stroman

autograph from Kelly Gruber

Kelly Grober and Jim Pagiamtzis

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