Monday, April 11, 2016

Event Review: Total Health 2016 in Toronto

           It was an awesome experience to attend the Total Health show at the Metro Convention Center on Friday April 9th in Toronto.

          The primary reason I was attending was to listen to Max Haroon share on Dental Health at 7pm

          When I got there there were so many surprise for me.

         1st I met Sarah an awesome friend I know from Social City Social Group (meet up)

        2nd  I found out from event brochure that Dr. George Grant was speaking (ESN meet up member)

           3rd  Lawrence Beesly was also in attendance The CEO of the Entrepreneurs Speed Networking Group)

        4th       Enzina DeAngelis also at the event with a booth  
    Learn more about show
        Moral of the story: You just don't who you are going to meet at event



Max Haroon sharing on Dental Health

Dr George Grant sharing at Total Health 2016

Jim Pagiamtzis and Lawrence Beesley ESN Founder

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