Monday, October 5, 2015

Event Review: South Asian Film Festival featuring Movie Premerie of The Girl Without A Song

            It was amazing experience to see the world premiere of The Girl Without A Song in Toronto Sunday Oct 4th at the 16th Annual Filmi Toronto South Asian Film Festival

        Director Aveek Mansur and cast and crew eagerly waiting to see the finished film.

    There 80 attendees who enjoyed the film and the emotional rollercoaster ride they went through to see the The Girl Without A Song.

              The reception and feedback was great and look forward to sharing online soon!

         I had supported role in the film and look forward to do some more film in the future. Sujit Reddy secured a role in Aveek Mansur upcoming film!

             " The Girl Without A Song take you on emotional roller coaster ride that will have you asking yourself how you deal with the world on a daily basis!" Jim Pagiamtzis Speaker, Author and Actor (supporting role in the movie)

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Jim Pagiamtzis , Sujit Reddy, Grace Munro and Jake Zabusky



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