Monday, October 5, 2015

Event Review: Nuit Blanche 2015

It was chilly night in Toronto, that didn't stop thousands from all around Toronto to visit various installations all over the city.

Many city streets were shut down or closed for the night for the public to enjoy various artistic pieces and intriguing pieces.

 I visited City Hall where they had dressed up the Toronto sign with various faces, visited the underground parking lot which was transformed into a forest.

 On the east of the Nathan Phillips square there were huge cubes of metal tins and cardboard on display. (see pictures below)

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The Scotia Bank tent

The Nuit Blanche program

The Map of nuit blanche

Jim Pagiamtzis and all the sponsor of Nuit Blanche

The Iconic Toronto Sign

Park Here

The journey underground City Hall

Tree growing on the parking lot entrance speaker

trees and grass everywhere

Jim Pagiamzis very scared in the parking lot below City Hall

The public enjoying the forest underground

There is no way

tin can everywhere

cardboard and tin cans everywhere in cubes

Nuit Blanche flag

Digitized building at UOIT building

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