Thursday, October 22, 2015

Event Review: Date Switch event at Stirling Room in the Distillery District in Toronto was full of surprises and intrigue


      It was interesting event to attend at night. I have been to The Distillery district many times for various events in the recent years. This was the first time going at night!

      I usually go with a plan to these types of events, this night I decided to go with no plan and no inhibitions, open book and see what happens.

       As neared the front gate of The Distillery district it felt like I was in a horror movie, it was silent and dark. (cue the Friday 13th music!)

     Took a brisk walk and inside and had to ask where it was. The security guard at nearby club said "it's on your right as you walk in" I said "thanks you mean my left" he smirked and smiled at my answer.

            I walk back to the entrance and there I saw the number 16 on the wall, from the other side I wouldn't have seen the number for sure!

        Went through the door and up the steps and was greeted by a beautiful blond host who game my name tag and said will start shortly. I went near the back and put my coat on the rack with my sweater and sat down. 

         Within seconds I in conversation with Tim one of the male attendees. I make an effort not do this so I can focus on the conversation with the women.

          We spoke for a few minutes and walked away eagerly waiting for the night to begin. It turned out we had more men than women due to a few no-shows ( I don't get it,you pay for an event and you don't show up!)

         We finally got started and I began at number 10 which was on my name tag. I sat down and spoke with Daksha great looking Indian woman spoke and dressed very well.

     Three more women at 5 minutes each and then I had a break for 20 minutes. This is where it got very interesting.  I had nobody to speak to yet only the 3 others waiting to move on!  So I turned my attention to the bartender and asked for a Heineken. She opened the freezer, grabbed the beer popped the lid and then I gave her $20 bill. She says "do you have anything smaller, I don't have till I just put all my money I had in my purse. the managers late" I said "no I don't" She says "that's okay I will get it from you later"  ( I never did give her the money)

 While I was waiting I notice some very interesting paintings. One with a man's body and the head of horse! and many more of women in various types of 18th century costumes

  My turned finally came to move on and I sat down with Number 1 Christina. Lovely lady with a cute laugh that found everything I said funny and amusing. Continued moving to my left and the next three were not of interest

   It was until I got to Mary who seated in the corner when things got really interesting. Our eyes met and that's when the fireworks started!

   She lay and the corner so sat beside here a stretched my legs to relax. I said "this must be therapy corner" She responded "it's much more than that' She took my left had and placed it in her crotch and whispered "is that therapy for your"  I said "I am getting horny and excited"

   We spoke for a  few minutes and then I began to kiss her neck and fondle her under her sweater.

   The organizer intervened and said "Can I take a picture of you two?"  She took her camera and took some pictures. I put my hand under blouse and fondled her nipples she crapped my crotch and began to do the same.

     Before you know the five minutes was over so I stood up and gave her long kiss on the lips and reaching down her back and under pants and feel her g-string.

    I shifted over to the next girl Mirella and she was even more excited. I did the same thing lay my feet straight and said "this is the hot corner"  She replied "it is and getting more hotter and steamier by the minute"  
       Continued to the end with some great conversations with the rest of the ladies

      The last woman Tina I talk more about her dog and pets which I found interesting for a few minutes got bored very quickly.

       The unfortunate part of the this night that I lost track of time with Tina that I didn't have a chance to go back and speak to Mary or Mirella

      Moral of this night:  Don't let the darkness outside  scare you. The inside may be more interesting full of surprises and intrigue



Picture from Front and Yonge at 9pm in the evening

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