Monday, March 23, 2015

Journey to Nashville, TN was an awesome experience!

             It was an amazing first trip to Nashville,TN from March 16-18th. Taking two planes seating 150 going and doing the same returning was an adventure in itself. Catching our connecting flight coming back from Atlanta would have impressed any sprinter!



Jim Pagiamtzis and Elvis

Contour mouse

View from Hotel

Jim Pagiamtzis and Elvis playing guitars

Jim Pagiamtzis and Canadian Flag

Bridgestone Arena home of Nashville Predators

Nashville Predator wearing green during practice

Minnesota wild practicing

Jim Pagiamtzis and Race Car driver Regan Smith


Panoram view of dinner and conference

Jim Pagiamtzis and the Gaylord hotel

inside gaylord hotel

Gaylord Hotel lobby

Gaylord Hotel lobby

Gaylord convention Centre Presidential lobby

Panoram view of Gaylord convention Centre Presidential lobby

Grand Ole Opry

shopping at Opry

Aquarium restaurant

fish at Aquarium restaurant

Jim Pagiamtzis at Aquarium restaurant

Nike had at Cincinnati store at Airport

Airplane we took

Plane Train in Atlanta

Plane Train in Atlanta in tunnel

Plane Train in atlanta view of stops

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