Sunday, March 15, 2015

Canada Job Expo a huges success: New Website launch!

           It was amazing day on March 14,2015 there were new exhibitors and brand new website to share with the attendees. Huge thanks to Murali Murthy and his team for putting the new resource website together.

              Canada Job Expo (new website) Do you recognize anyone?
            Learn more




                 Murali Murthy sharing on LinkedIn Part 1


           Murali Murthy sharing on LinkedIn  Part  2


                         Murali Murthy making announcement on new websie

Attendees sharing experience at Canada Job Expo

Mak and Jennifer A Booley Founder of Bouley-Mak Consulting and Coaching

Jim Pagiamtzis and Jean Christophe

Jim Pagiamtzis MC of the day

Jim Pagiamtzis, Sudip Mukarajee and Murali Murthy

Jim Pagimatzis and Zeeshan Raza

Murali Muthy sharing about new website

Zeeshan Raza

Zeeshan Raza sharing at Canada Job Expo

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