Thursday, January 8, 2015

Special Spotlight: Jairek Robbins


It has been great experience to read and learn from JRC Weekly Insights newsletter. You have share your personal and professional journey. Why the reason to start sharing your journey using this medium?

—> We use a TON of different mediums to reach people. Our goal is to create as many different channels as possible to reach people in the way they like to receive it most. We use Podcast, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Guest Interviews, Snapchat, Radio, TV, Live Events, Retreats, Coaching, Online Programs…etc. just to name a few :) We would LOVE to connect with you @JairekRobbins on most all channels! 

Now more than ever personal development has been an important aspect for professionals and entrepreneur in their journey of success. Can you share 3 key areas the should focus on and master?

I’d say the MOST IMPORTANT areas for people to focus on would be… 

1. Getting a CRYSTAL CLEAR Ideal Day/Life Vision - has a free kit on how to do this! 

2. A SOLID daily Mourning and Evening Routine. With so much craziness going on in our day to day lives we need a way to “Turn on” and “Turn off” each day. Our mourning routine is … 
Am Ritual
Meditation - 20 min (still)
On the Treadmill-- 
Gratitude - 5 min
Goals 20 years - 1 min
Goals 10 years
Goals 5 years
Goals 1 year
Goals 6 months
Goals quarter
Goals 1 month
Mental rehearsal for day - 5 min
Incantations - 10 min
Intention/Prayer - 3 min

3. Have fun and live a life with NO REGRETS Read more
Jairek Robbins

#1 Bestselling Author, 
Performance Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur
Jairek Robbins Companies, llc.

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