Monday, January 5, 2015

Book Review: Get The Power to Change Your Life


 " Terry's shares powerful insights on the his journey and how personal events fueled his professional goals, it may be a thin book yet it has a impactful message for achieving your life goals!"
Testimonial from Jim Pagiamtzis
  Terry Gogna was my coach and mentor from 2003-2009

        Sometimes when life gets really tough, it's not strength or power that we always need first. Power without peace can become exhausting.

At those unexpected times, when life knocks us down, motivation to do something great with our lives is not always what we want at that very moment. Often, we first just need to feel a sense of peace amongst all the turmoil, stress and tears.

Where do you inherit the feeling that everything will be ok?

Where do you get that sense of peace from?

I have come to realize, there is a place, within each of us, that we can take ourselves to. A place that will give us that sense of peace. The kind of peace which comforts us and then, when the time is right, empowers us to chase our dreams with more determination and conviction than we could ever imagine.

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