Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reach 1000 Twitter Followers! on January 7,2015

            I was in contest with Arlene Gray in Fall of 2012 on who can get to 1000 follower first.I lost that contest.

     Happy to say I reach it finally..


       Along the way I did win few contests!

                   1st  Won  a mini-iPad from Financeit  huge thanks to Camaraderie Coworking

                   2nd Won TFC tickets in August 2014 from Canary from Taste of the Danforth Kiss the Canary contest


                  3rd  Won Beer Kit from CraftaBrew by Shopify

Congrats to and , winners of our Oktoberfest giveaway!

                   4th  My tweet from Agent Carter on January 6th was shared Everything Revolves around Buffalo website click here
            Lastly got connected with some amazing people from Kelly Lovell, The Money Coach Academy. Theresa Laurico Erik Swanson,Jariek Robbins  and many more amazing people

            THANK YOU!!

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