Friday, January 3, 2014

Jack Canfield: Success Strategies Live (Special offer)

New for 2014 — A Special 3-Event Series for YOU!


Your Journey to Success in 2014 Starts on January 8, 2014 — FREE!

Ready to Start Living Your Dreams?

All you need to do is invest some of your free time…I'll show you the rest!

You are invited to this all-new Jack Canfield
3-Event Series for FREE when you use promo code: EXCEED (Get All 3 Events Free)
I'm partnering in your success in a big way in 2014. I will be presenting a new topic each month for 3 months to help you exceed your biggest goals in 2014 by providing clear, actionable steps to achieve success in any area of life — even during hard financial times.
I'm excited to invite you to attend 3 never before seen online events for FREE — a savings of $59.85! Simply use promo code: EXCEED when you register and you won't pay a dime for my special events. It's simple — one registration gives you access to all 3 events — so take two minutes and register for FREE right now.
I've helped thousands of people from all walks of life excel far beyond the limits they have set for themselves. The first few months of every new year should be spent creating roadmaps for success and taking the necessary actions to exceed your goals.
What I'm asking from you is to invest in yourself. Simply make the decision that you are willing to dedicate some of your free time and you could change your life forever.
I'm excited about sharing this series with you — here is what to expect in the months to come if you register today.
January: Ask Jack LIVE: Exceed Your Goals in 2014
Every New Year is exciting. All these fresh ideas and goals we want to accomplish are just waiting for us to act upon. This event will help you kick-off the new year with a clear plan for success so you can not only achieve, but exceed your goals in 2014. You will learn how to…
  • Identify and define your purpose and the steps to achieve greatness
  • Clean up your "messes and incompletes" so you can start with a clean slate
  • Fuel your passion so you can keep your momentum from beginning to end
  • Develop key habits for Success so you can go the distance
February: Ask Jack Live: How to Create & Grow a Successful Business
Whether you want to start a business, grow and expand your current one, or simply achieve greater impact at your current place of employment, this event will help you…
  • Discover and refine your vision of success
  • Learn the key steps to successfully start or grow your business
  • Build a solid future while trusting your intuition and unleashing your core genius
  • Create a clear plan for how and when you will begin making money
March: SHHHH! — Jack's Big Surprise — A Special Topic to Be Announced Soon!
I've been working on a very special event to help you make real change in your life. But for now, I've asked my team to keep the topic of this event a secret. However, we are excited to share this training with you and will reveal the secret topic to you before its released to the general public.
Plan on walking away encouraged, challenged, and with some immediate actions to apply to your life!
I hope you are filled with optimism and excitement about the year ahead. I'm looking forward to helping you achieve the success you deserve. Register for my all new 3-event series today and my team will send you all the details. Remember, your access is free with promo code: EXCEED.
Dedicated to Your Success,

Jack Canfield
CEO, The Canfield Training Group
P.S. To get free access to all three events for FREE — click here today. Also, when you register I'll give you the opportunity to share this 3-event series with 5 of your friends or family members. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team at 1-800-390-2590.

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