Thursday, January 30, 2014

Book Review: Joy and Love: Maximize Joy in your live and love in the world by John Robinson Jr.


             It was amazing journey to have opportunity to meet John Robinson Jr and great honour and awesome experience to read this awesome book.

           I met John Robinson Jr. at Author's event in early 2013. There were 60+ plus amazing entrepreneur and professionals who were in the process of writing books or had completed their books.

              I had brief and memorable conversation with him and went on my journey that night. Fast forward to December 2013 and I sent a message to him if his book has been completed. (Currently read and review books on my blog since mid 2012)

           I was on weekend trip to Niagara Falls,Ontario and felt that was great place to read it!. He sent me a copy via Kindle and went on my way to the Joy and Love capital of the world.

            Reading the 1st few pages I was fascinated on his journey on why he wrote the book, and the amazing journey he was on completing it.There were some great exercises to complete from videos to watch and word association game to complete. The were inspiring and powerful with great message.

              The journey of success begins for many of us in many ways from finding love, enjoying our career and being with friends and loved one.

            Joy and Love will captivate your interest and bring you on path of learning important life strategies on health, friendships and power of your energy has for you and others in quest of life.

          "Joy and Love is about the journey we travel and the people we meet and connect with. John Robinson Jr. shares a brilliant aspect of life is what we make it and we do have choices on how we define it" Jim Pagiamtzis

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