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Email marketing campaign that worked!

It was early late October and I had made a decision to register with Constant Contact for the next two months to do handle my email marketing campaigns. I was doing  newsletter for the past  three years as of this year my  list had grown and it was time to use more effective and efficient way.
Had been to a few seminars in Toronto by Lisa Kember  (Regional Development Director, Southern Ontario).    had received emails from entrepreneurial friends using the service which look very professional. The goal was to do two campaigns in November.
With the help of their coach’s put together an email newsletter and waited to see what would happen. At the same time also shared links with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and post on information on various site from my blog to others (,, and
The open rates  on this 1st campaign  21.2% 9 (see chart below) which according to Constant Contact were above industry average (18%). I was elated  to be above average on my first attempt. 
On November 1st made a decision to join Constant to utilize their online email campaign service. Was looking forward to using their analytical software to get a better understanding of open rates and if links were being clicked.
Nov 10,2011 I did a joint talk that happened with Dianne Ojar-Ali. Great restaurant in downtown Toronto. Promotion started 4 weeks prior. There is was good synergy that was happening between everyone which made this an exciting event to promote and market.. We all promoted online to our social networks and at various events we were attending.
Two weeks prior we  were interviewed  by Canada One at a event in Toronto on Oct 26, it so happened we were all there.( Doina Oncel, Dianne Ojar-Ali and Jim Pagiamtzis ( don’t even ask how that happened!) Julie King did a great interview regarding the event and the topics we were going to cover.
Canada One interview at SOHO event at the Hyatt in Downtown Toronto
Link: (copy and paste to browser)
This gave us great promotion through their site and also to cross promote through other social networking channels which gives out network opportunity to hear what will be sharing that evening. We also promoted event through their event page also.
Doina Oncel  and Dianne Ojar-Ali  were also promoting the event through networking meetings and newsletters, which great that group co-operation dynamic which event even more appealing to various entrepreneurs and professionals
On Dec 3 we appeared on internet radio station in Toronto where had a great interview with Hugh Reily at  Liquid Lunch studio on downtown Toronto.  We also used this video to share with online networks.
  Link: (copy and paste to browse) < go to 1hr 30 minute section to see interview<

                             “100% Intention 0% Percent Method” Patrick Bizindayvi
The day of the event had arrived and we had 25 people attended and all were impressed with the information shared at the event. Had opportunity to promote the next event which  will sharing the story below.
Dec 3.2010
On  November 13 was another monumental day that I made decision at Goal Achievers Canada meeting where I stood up and passionate said “ We are doing at event in December” my  successful speakers and writers Patrick Bizindayvi and Christopher van der hoff  were not very excited about the idea due the fact it was near the holidays. 
Explained the plan to them on how we were going to get it done. In less than half an hour had them very interested and on board to do the event. As the week went by called and emailed them both to update how the event promotion was coming along,  they were very excited, encourage and very supportive. Patrick Bizindayvi call said “ The connector is on fire”
Here’s what we did:
1st. Created very short commercial which were posted on You-Tube and the rest of our networks.          
Patrick Bizindayvi commercial
2nd   Created on effective email marketing campaign using which was sent out to my online contact and also shared with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN
3rd  Post information on,, ,, ( you can also put request for them to send photographer!)
Within  LinkedIn also posted event on various groups that I belong to from alumni group, speaking groups and to organization that I have either spoken for and attended events in the past.
Two weeks prior to the event go an email from LinkedIn connection who was very interested about the event. We got connected via phone and he explained that he had numerous distributions list on LinkedIn that he could share the event with. I agreed with his offer and in return would give him opportunity to speaker for  10 minutes at the event to share about his background and his experience on being a public speaker.
In the coming weeks received numerous emaisl from contacts in his networking who confirmed to attend the event (which they all did). Two days prior he had Christmas Dinner and made an announcement and received three confirmations that evening!
As the event neared was getting near to the target goal of 30 attendees that I had set as goal three weeks prior. We had 22 attend which was an amazing result.
Results from two campaigns. Opens are above industry average of 15%
Refresh counts for this email
Refresh counts for this email

Link to blog where you can watch all the videos for that day.
Moral of the story
Make a decision and follow through, be determined and focus to achieve your goal. In the end you will enjoy the result and appreciate the journey more.
Happy Holidays
All the best in 2012!
Jim Pagiamtzis  ,jim@pagiamtzis
Dianne Ojar-Ali, and link below for links
Jim Pagiamtzis
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