Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Connected Make Wealth Happen 1st Seminar

 Today was an amazing day in Get Connected Make Wealth Happen Lifestyle! Dreams do come true.

It was merely 3 weeks ago where I set the intention to do this event. Had the location already which very close to being ready. Patrick Bizindayvi wrote down on a flip chart "100% intention and 0% method" few months ago at Profit and better than wages. This statement made a huge impact on my life.

Went to the book store on May 16th and stated the intention was going to do the event on June 4th and they said they would be ready for that date!

The next step was to begin promoting and marketing the event. From using social networking strategies to calling and speaking with my contacts in my database and business card.

 I had done numerous events in Toronto in the past 5 years for various organizations from Enterprise Toronto to many more. This event was different because it was on my own terms and teaching and training insights on my upcoming book "Get Connected Make Wealth Happen".

 Put together an brief and to the point flyer and sent it out via E-newsletter to distribution lists via my email, Facebook, Linked. Enterprise Toronto  and posted it on my blog.

Began calling entrepreneurs on a daily basis informing them about the event.Got plenty  of support and encouragement and many of the them were willing to pass along the message.

Three weeks went by very quickly since I had made the decision. Had gone by the book store couple of times to see how everything was coming along and they were make some last minute construction changes and were on target to be ready on June 4th.

The week of the event was living the Get Connected Make Wealth Lifestyle was talking to everyone about the event. Had sent emails to distribution list and was getting many confirmations. Shared information with my Goal Achievers mastermind team who gave me great instruction on how to position parts of my success to make it more effective for the audience.

The day had finally arrived. Three weeks had gone by. Had made copies of all the material that I would sharing and teaching. Even made out certificates for all the attendees!

It was a short walk to the bookstore. From all the books and material that I was going with it look liked I was going on a trip!  That morning it had been raining very heavily and that had put a mild damper on my spirits, when I reached the bookstore they were gone.It looked amazing, the seating was ready, projector up and running and all it needed was the speaker and the attendees.

The weather did get better closer to lunch time and we did have attendees arrive for the event.

 Had a great time sharing and teaching that afternoon and great discussion amongst the group on topics like 30 second elevator pitch, personality traits, time mgmt system, social networking strategies and about our individual successes.

Look forward to do future events on this topics to professionals and entrepreneurs

Special thanks to the Alternative-Thinking bookstore and all the entrepreneurs and professionals for their support and encourage on achieved this amazing dream.

More information on utilizing this space for your workshop go to and contact this store directly.

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